Website Conversion

I created a couple of videos on Website Conversion. I believe they will be helpful to you. All the traffic in the world won’t help you if your website doesn’t convert your visitors into sales. There is a lot involved in conversion. The next two videos will give you a good foundation on which to build.

Joan Wardzala

Website Conversion Part 1

Website Conversion Part 2

The truth is, even if your site is in position 1 on Google and you have not optimized it for website conversion, your sales will be low to none.
Web conversion is probably one of the least talked about steps to increase sales in the IM world.

There are a ton of products for sale that will teach you how to buy a domain, how to build a website, how to SEO the site, how to get traffic, and the list goes on.

What all these products leave out is teaching you how to increase sales with website conversion.

Web conversion is simple and complicated all at the same time. It is all about human psychology and perception.

Simply put, website conversion is about setting up your website to grab the visitor’s attention, evoke an emotion, empathize, offer a solution, and create a sense of urgency so they buy from you right away and you increase sales.

Selling something directly to a customer one on one is easier then selling online when it comes to conversion.

But with selling online you have the potential to reach a lot more customers.
With face to face sales you can discover what motivates your potential customer, find out what their likes and dislikes are, and then overcome any objections they may have.

You don’t have those opportunities when selling online. So what can you do?
Make a note of this:
The true motivational force that drives all human behavior is the desire to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. There are a lot of books written on this subject so I won’t go into it here. But trust me. It is true.
So start by researching your customer base. Join forums and see what they are talking about..

Pay attention to the emotional aspect of the conversations. What is causing them pain or discomfort?

Once someone is convinced that it would be painful to live without your product and pleasurable to own it, you have won the majority of the challenge.

The rest of the challenge is once you have them emotionally ready to buy, you will also need to get them logically ready to buy.

People will logically start thinking about cost of the product, which in turn will bring up pain.

You then have to make the pain of not having your product more painful than the pain of parting with their money.

Check out some successful sites. Observe how they go about selling online. See how they tug at emotions, evoke pain and offer a solution. Then watch as they have the content move towards the close of the sale.

One of the things they will do is list the value of the product as higher than the actual cost of the product.
If the customer believes the value is high and the actual cost low in comparison and they have been convinced they want the product because it will bring them pleasure and avoid pain, your sale is closed.

You have 8 seconds before your visitor leaves your site; make what they see initially count.
The driving force behind all human behavior is the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain.
Research your customer base, join forums, and find out what is going on emotionally.

Grab your visitor’s attention, bring up an emotion, offer a solution, and create urgency.

After you have researched your customer base, you will need to develop your content in order to convert your visitors to increase your sales.

Because you only have a few seconds before you visitor clicks off your site, everything will need to be in condensed form so you grab their attention right away. Any details you have should be placed in the content below what they see initially. This is your first step to achieving website conversion and increasing sales.

Web conversion starts with the Title. If you don’t have a title that grabs your visitor’s attention and lets them know what your product is, you have lost most of the battle.

If your product is about weight loss, mention weight loss. If it is a diet put the word diet in the title along with your keyword if it is different. Always have your keyword in the Title.

This is especially important if you have purchased re-directed traffic from Backlinks On Steroids.

If the visitor finds your site’s title intriguing he will go on to scan your first sentence.

Here is where you want to evoke a strong emotion, preferably one that brings up pain over lack of something, suffering from a disease or condition, or the perception everyone else has it and they don’t.

Your first sentence should be in the form of a question. It doesn’t have to be, but a question makes it easier to bring up the emotion that is inside them, “are you suffering?”, “are you lacking?” etc.

You could also have a Title that involves pleasure that will overcome pain, “you will look fabulous to your friends and family after you go on the yaya diet-, inferring that they didn’t look fabulous before and will gain much pleasure as they are admired by friends and family after they go on the yaya diet.

The rest of the sentences in the first paragraph should empathize with their pain, bring the pain up again, offer the solution to the pain, and create urgency: “end this pain now. Buy the yaya diet book and feel good.”

Always use words that are convincing. Don’t give your visitor a choice. Don’t say things like “maybe you would consider”.

These steps in website conversion are probably easier to accomplish with health sites and most digital product sites.

If you have physical products you can do the same type of things only you will generate ‘want’ first through convincing them they are lacking the product and that is causing them pain because they don’t have it and they will receive much pleasure if they do possess it

As you continue adding content to the page, keep bringing up the pain of not having your product and the pleasure of owning it.

List the benefits (pleasures) in a bulleted list. Lists will keep your visitor on the website longer and that will help with not only conversion but bounce rate too.

Also add intriguing images and charts so the visitor stays on your site. Add a video. It will give you more chances to close the sale.

Website conversion involves a lot more then this, but you now have a good solid foundation on which to build on to increase sales.

Authored by: Joan Wardzala – Expert in Vertical and Horizontal search engine SEO – Google+