What Are Domain Authority and Page Authority

What is DA/PA

Google has a system by which it judges the importance of a page called Page Rank. The system is comprised of intricate algorithms that weigh factors such as the inbound and outbound links, quality of content, quality of backlinks and other factors. Google’s algorithm does not have human attributes. It lacks reasoning and operates solely within the domains of programming. In other words, the search engines may not rank something that humans would rank highly the same way.

The higher a site’s page rank is, the more visitors the site was capable of receiving because Google is more likely to place the site on page one where most visitors click on search results. Unfortunately, recently Google has all but done away with allowing webmasters to view their and other site’s page ranks.

By ending the ability to view Page Rank, Google halted some efforts of many blackhat SEO scammers who were spiking the low page rank of unprofessional pages using deceitful means. The changes also leveled the playing field for many of the businesses who have an online presence. Webmasters are now more likely to ensure that they have high-quality content on their pages instead of low-quality pages that are saturated repetitive keyword stuffing.

As a replacement for the Page Rank that is no longer able to be viewed, webmasters are now using the metrics called domain authority (DA) and page authority  (PA) developed by MOZ. These metrics take into consideration the majority of algorithms that are believed Google uses for Page Rank scores.

What Is DA

Domain Authority DA is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank in the search engines. The metric is calculated using their proprietary algorithms that include link metrics, linking root domains, number of total links, their MozRank and Moz Trust metrics and is combined top create a single score. There are over 40 signals that are included in this calculation.

These DA/PA scores can be fluid just like Page Rank was. It took me a while to trust these metrics until recently where I found they matched the Page Rank scores that Google had given sites and pages. I am now using DA/PA in locating the high quality backlinks that you will find in my backlink packages.

What is PA

The PA or page authority is also derived from proprietary metrics combined into one score based on a 100 point scale. It measures the most likely rank of individual pages as opposed to the entire website like DA does.

The PA system uses an algorithm to predict how a page is likely to rank on Google’s search engine when people search for relevant topics. The scoring system goes up to 100, and it takes a wide variety of factors into account. MOZ created the system, and its purposes made it a system that was too complex for a person to influence easily.

How to Improve Domain Authority

Domain authority has many factors to it. A webmaster can take some steps to try to increase it. One thing you can do to increase Domain Authority is ensure that the user interface is clean and the navigation is simple for the people who stop by the site. The individual can also create outbound text links to high DA/PA sites on the site. Another thing that a person can do is use long-tail keywords and keyword variations on the website. All content that goes on the website should be unique, engaging and grammatically sound. Finally, building alliances with other website owners is an excellent way to build prominence.
How Do You Improve the Page Authority?

Page authority is the most difficult of the DA/PA system to affect. One would have to improve the overall SEO to even remotely improve the page authority. One suggestion is for the webmaster to continue to write high-quality content on the website so that visitors will keep returning and increase the website statistics. Another suggestion for someone who wants to increase page authority or domain authority is to engage with other sites of the same category and try to build links like that. Increasing social media presence and networking can help the authority levels increases, as well.
Getting Help From SEO Specialists or Tools

SEO specialist can analyze a website and give the owner some advice. A novice’s best bet is to sign up for an intricate SEO service such as MOZ Pro. MOZ Pro is the perfect tool to use with the MOZ system. MOZ Pro can boost a webmaster’s page rankings. What’s amazing about such programs is that they offer free trials. Website owners can familiarize themselves with the software that can generate traffic for them. Many SEO companions and analytical tools are available. No one should attempt to survive on the Internet without signing up for one of them.