Email Marketing Service

Custom Email Marketing Package

  • 3 step indoctrination series to essentially “welcome” visitors to your list and let them know what they should expect from you. This is actually the most important step in the process, and I have the perfect templates ready to go for this.
  •  As soon as the welcome email series is done run a “4-day cash machine”, or Velvet Rope, campaign to bring in revenue IMMEDIATELY, and get your past customers re-activated and buying again. This campaign will be run as a “secret sale” EXCLUSIVELY for past customers as a way to show your appreciation for their business (and make them feel special). But, it is also going to be an expiring sale. So 48-72 hours, then it is gone. This has proven to get people to take action quickly. We may even put a timer directly in the email.
  •  In both of these campaigns, we are also going to get your customers to start posting on Facebook and showing products they bought.
  •  Put together a very specific sales page and work with your web designer as discussed.
  •  Continue with regular 3-5 emails per week to your list.
  • Within these content emails, strategically mix in promotions and offers.
  •  Create a promotional calendar that I will put together monthly so we always have a gameplan to work from.
  •  Testing and analytics of the campaigns