Backlink SEO

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization and is essentially a catch-all phrase that covers any and all types of actions and strategies designed and employed to boost one’s website’s position in ‘search engine page ranks’ or SERPs–basically, the position your website’s link in the results of a search engine–for any particular search engine, usually Google.

SEO has long been debated upon whether or not it is an ethical practice. Often times Google refers to such practices as ‘spamdexing’, or rather considering most attempts to boost one’s rank in their results as unethical or an attempt to ‘game’ their services.

Historically, Google’s algorithms which are responsible for their ranking decisions have looked for specific criteria across the internet and have often been criticized for an unfair bias towards certain types of websites and domain names. Large websites have usually fared better in Google’s ranking system than smaller ones, this has often left owners of small websites without recourse over what to do about their dismal rankings on Google.

Backlinks are hypertext markup language links (hyperlink: on external sites that link back to one’s own web pages that usually include some sort of relevant anchor text–usually a keyword relevant to the website being linked to. Google’s algorithms find these links across the internet and tallies them up, Google then uses it as a weighted factor in ranking websites across the internet.

Traditionally, there have been orchestrated efforts to produce and populate backlinks on behalf of peoples’ websites in order to increase the underlying website’s position–this is considered backlink SEO. This is what its all about.

Why backlink SEO?

Backlink SEO can take a website that can’t be found anywhere on Google whatsoever and place it on the first page of Google’s search results for a particular keyword in a matter of less than a week–and it stays there. This is why you should choose backlinks over other forms of SEO, first, as it offers the best, lasting results in the shortest amount of time.

Unfortunately, populating backlinks across the internet can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult task–especially when conducted over a sustained period of time or conducted for numerous websites. This is why it is best to choose an SEO firm which can assist you.

Choosing the right one can be difficult. can help you choose. Through years of experience and analyzing websites, Backlinks On Steroids can set you on a course to getting your website to page one.

Types of backlinks for SEO

Here are some different types of backlinks:

  • Profile links
  • Contextual links

○ Web 2.0

○ Articles

  • YouTube links
  • Social links, which aren’t really backlinks but social signals on how popular the website is

1 Profile links are backlinks that are included in the user’s profile for a particular forum.

2 Contextual links are links that are included within the context of some other type of content. These sorts of content can easily be anything that supports a crawlable html. These can be Wikis, Web 2.0 applications, articles that include the link with it’s relevant anchor text, and links that are included in pages of websites like Squidoo.

3 There are also YouTube backlinks which are backlinks included on YouTube videos which are easily crawled by Google.

4 Social links are backlinks are links that are included on various social media pages.

Authored by: Joan Wardzala – SEO Specialist in vertical and horizontal search engines – Google+<