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What is backlinking? You have come to the right place to find out what backlinks are. Backlinking has changed. It’s all about link balancing and anchor text balancing now.

After the release of the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms, thousands of established websites tanked. Website owners watched in horror as their revenue disappeared.

No longer can you send thousands of automated backlinks to a website and expect it to land on page one and stay there. You now need natural looking backlinks from a variety of sources.

Variety of Sources

And even if you have balanced your backlinks, if you don’t balance your anchor text, your website will never reach the top.

Anchor text percentages

Our expert analysis and custom packages will balance your backlink and anchor text portfolios so your website can reach and stay on page one.

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    • Expert Analysis

    • Natural Looking mid-high DA/PA Backlinks from a variety of linking sources

    • All Drip Fed

    • Balanced Anchor Text

  • Manually Created Profile and Contextual Links

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Quality Manually Created,  Dofolow, Mid to High DA/PA Backlinks are a huge part of SEO and getting your website to the first page of Google. Backlinks on Steroids will help you do just that.

No blackhat backlinking software is used which leaves footprints and angers Google. For more information see FAQ. If you are new to Internet Marketing check out the article Backlinking Explained. Order your Backlink Package packages now.

Assess with our Analysis Packages

Don’t know what to order?

Let Backlinks On Steroids analyze your site, backlink diversity and anchor text percentages, page layout and search engine optimization. Use these reports to make informed decisions regarding what kinds of backlinks you will need. Included in your backlink report will be recommendations of suggestions for how you can tweak your site.

CONTENT ANALYSIS: includes a review and analysis of your on-page content in relation to what is needed to satisfy Google Panda and Penguin. Allow up to 7 days for full reports

BACKLINKS AND ANCHOR TEXT ANALYSIS: includes an expert analysis of your backlink balancing and your backlink anchor text balancing.

Brass Balance

Balance Your Backlinks

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Dominate with Mid to High DA/PA Backlinks

CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY LINKS AND ADD TO YOUR LINK BALANCING. With the advent of the Google Penguin algorithm, Google wants not only link diversity to include dofollow but also Mid to High DA/PA (Domain Authority/Page Authority) backlinks from different sources with diversified anchor text. A anchor text is your keyword and website link placed within an article, comment or profile post.  Choose from Web 2.0 article submissions, to give your keywords that extra boost.

Powerful Profile Backlinks

These profile backlinks are quality high DA/PA 2-9, auto approved, one-way, do-follow backlinks. Profile backlinks continue to be one of the most powerful backlinks. Check out our PROFILE LINK PACKAGES or our all inclusive Packages

Diversify with Social Signals

An effective way to get your website exposure and also diversity your links is Social signals. This fast and easy way to promote your site can result in massive visitors to your site. Backlinks On Steroids provides quality manually created, safe  SOCIAL SIGNALS TO ADD TO YOUR BACKLINK BALANCING

Google Maret Share
Google drives 70% of all web traffic to sites; Yahoo 12% and Bing 16%. Each search engine uses their own algorithms to determine which sites are the most relevant and best. Google wants to continue to rule so is constantly monitoring and changing the algorithms. Currently it is estimated that there are around 250 algorithms that Google follows. Google does not let the public know all of them as it tries to keep an even playing field. It is important to keep up with the changes so your sites can reach and remain on the first page. Google changed its algorithms recently called Google Panda. These changes may have affected your sites. I have written an article on Google Panda.
Brass Balance

Balance Your Anchor Text


Do you know why it is important to get your site to the first page?
Here are some statistics that may surprise you.

Click DistributionThat means if your site is in position one of Google your site will receive 45.46% of the traffic for your search term and if your site is in position ten your website will receive 2.71% of the traffic for the term. Not only is it important to reach page one of Google but also to work at getting your site to position one for optimal traffic. Backlinking should be an ongoing task to get your site to page one and keep it there.

For all backlink packages:

*Keywords will be monitored to check for progress
*Profile and Comment backlinks include 10% varied generic anchor text and URL only.
*URLs and keywords can be changed once a month. A one week advance notice is needed.
*Include 5 main keywords and 5 to 10 more for anchor text diversity.

*Reports will be sent bi-monthly as agreed and separately as completed.
*No refunds are given after backlinking has begun.

Staying up to date on SEO is important to us at BOS.
Below is an interesting YouTube Video by Google Webmaster Help on how Google determines search results and though old still holds true today.



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Authored by: Joan Wardzala – SEO Specialist – Specializing in both horizontal and vertical SEO Google+